Top 5 Things to Check for Before You Submit Your Screenplay

 1) Include a title page with your screenplay!   How to Create a Title Page in Final Draft

1) To create a title page, click on the Title Page button on the top of the page, or go to the Document tab and click on the Title Page button.

2) Fill in the title, but leave the contact information blank.


To Export the Title Page with the Screenplay

1)   Once the screenplay is finished and the title page is completed, go to File >  Save As PDF

2)  Make sure the box titled ‘include title page’ is checked

3) Save and submit the PDF version of your screenplay.


How to Create a Title Page in CeltX

1)  Go to the Action drop down menu

2)  Click on Edit Title Page and fill out the pre-formatted title page, leaving the contact information and author’s name blank.


How to Export a Title Page in CeltX

1) When you export a CeltX document as a PDF after you have created the title page, the title page will automatically be exported as well as the screenplay.


2) Delete your name and contact information from the screenplay. 

Make sure to not include your name or contact information on the title page.  Our system automatically renames files as they are submitted, so if your name is included in the file name, it will be removed.  If you forget to delete your contact information, we will do it for you. We do this to preserve the anonymity in the evaluation process to insure that all scripts are evaluated fairly.


3) Are popups enabled on your browser? 

This will be important when it comes time to electronically submit your screenplay to the Screenwriting Competition.  Make sure you have popups enabled on your web browser before you submit so that you have access to the PayPal link on the first try. (If the pop-up still doesn’t work, simply scroll all the way up on the submit page.)

To enable popup windows:

On Google Chrome:

1)  Open Chrome.

2)  In the top-right corner, click the Chrome menu.

3)  Click ”Settings.”

4)  Click “Show advanced settings.”

5)  Under "Privacy," click “Content settings.”

6)  Under "Pop-ups," select “Allow all sites to show pop-ups.”


On Safari:

1)  Open Safari

2)  Go to File > Preferences

3)  Go to the Security tab

4)  Under Web Content, uncheck the box that says ‘Block pop-up windows’



On Firefox:

1) Open Firefox

2)  Go to the Menu and choose Preferences.

3)  Select the Content menu.

4)  Under Pop-Ups, uncheck the box that says block all pop-ups.


On Internet Explorer:

1)  Open Internet Explorer

2)  Click the Tools button then click Internet options.

3)  On the Privacy tab, under Pop-up Blocker, clear the Turn on Pop-up Blocker check                       box, and click OK.


4) Proofread!  

Make sure to spellcheck and proofread for mistakes before submitting!


5) Confirming your successful submission.

Upon successful submission to the Screenplay Competition, a PayPal receipt will be emailed to you immediately. Once you have the PayPal receipt, you’re confirmed! You will also receive a confirmation email from Austin Film Festival within five business days regarding the submission of your screenplay.