25th Anniversary Filmmaker interviewS

This special presentation of On Story gives a closer look at some of the incredible films chosen to screen at the 25th Annual Austin Film Festival. We talked with the filmmakers whose work represent some of the most original voices in filmmaking from around the world about the challenges they faced in their creative process, and the breakthroughs that led them to Austin Film Festival.

Get access to these films and more at the 25th Annual Austin Film Festival: October 25- November 1!

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Above the Clouds

Writer: Simon Lord
Director: Leon Chambers

Screening Times: 10/27, 4:45PM: Bethell Hall & 10/29, 8:30PM: Galaxy Highland 10

A Girl Named C

Director: Emily Kassie

Screening Times: 10/28, 4:00PM: Bethell Hall & 10/29, 1:00PM Alamo Drafthouse Village

Beyond the Night

Writer/Director: Jason Noto

Screening Times: 10/25, 7:15PM: State Theatre & 10/30, 7:00PM Alamo Drafthouse Village

F11 and Be There

Writer/Director: Jethro Waters

Screening Times: 10/28, 6:45PM: Bethell Hall & 10/30, 1:00PM Alamo Drafthouse Village

The Iron Orchard

Writers: Gerry De Leon, Ty Roberts
Director: Ty Roberts

Screening Times: 10/27, 4:00PM: Galaxy Highland 10 & 10/30, 7:15PM: State Theatre

Major Arcana

Writer/Director: Josh Melrod

Screening Times: 10/25, 8:00PM: Hideout Theatre & 10/30, 3:15PM Galaxy Highland 10

PECADO ORIGINAL (Original sin)

Writers: Jean Lee, Maia Nikiphoroff
Director: Jean Lee

Screening Times: 10/25, 9:45PM: St. David’s Bethell Hall & 10/30, 5:30PM Galaxy Highland 10

Simple Wedding

Writers:Sara Zandieh, Stephanie Wu
Director:Sara Zandieh

Screening Times: 10/25, 7:10PM: Alamo Drafthouse Village & 10/30, 8:30PM Galaxy Highland 10

Speaking in Tongues

Writers: Nathan Deming, Lawrie Doran
Director: Nathan Deming

Screening Times: 10/27, 6:30PM: Hideout Theatre & 10/31, 4:00PM Galaxy Highland 10

The Black String

Writers: Brian Hanson, Richard Handley
Director: Brian Hanson

Screening Times: 10/25, 10:00PM: State Theatre & 10/31, 9:15PM Alamo Drafthouse Village

The Lake Vampire

Writer/Director:Carl Zitelmann

Screening Times: 10/28, 7:00PM Alamo Drafthouse Village & 10/31, 6:15PM at the Galaxy Highland 10


Writer: Bruce McLeod
Director: Lisa Mulcahy

Screening Times: 10/26, 7:30PM: Hideout Theatre & 10/29, 3:15PM at the Galaxy Highland 10

Waiting for The Miracle to come

Writer/Director: Lian Lunson

Screening Times: 10/27, 3:00PM: State Theatre & 10/29, 7:00PM at the Galaxy Highland 10